Lentil, Feta and Bruschetta Spread


My girlfriend Lacey told me about this gem. The easiest and most delicious appetizer (or even meal).
All you need is to combine one package of the following goodies from Trader Joe’s:

Crumbled Feta Cheese
Steamed Lentils
Fresh Bruschetta Sauce

Now dip some pita chips and enjoy!  Seriously mouth watering and my new go-to appetizer for parties. Some people on IG suggested adding some chicken and tossing it in a pita for a meal.

Trader Joe’s TOP 5


I always tease Ben that if we ever had to move to a new city, so long as that city had a Trader Joe’s I would be happy.  It really is one of those stores I can’t live without.  Here are my current top 5 foods from TJ’s. Pretty please add yours to the list so that I can try some new yummies.  Also, I would love if you have any great TJ recipes.

1. Joe’s Dinner Mac ‘n Cheese, in the frozen section. Quite possibly the best mac n’ cheese that I have ever had–and that includes homemade.  I have even been known to microwave a couple packages, toss them in a casserole dish, throw some extra cheese on top and serve as an entree to guests.
2. These raisin rosemary crisps are addicting. They pair perfectly with goat cheese and a simple balsamic glaze.  Give them a try. You’ll be surprised, I promise!
3. A go-to dinner around our house is homemade pizza.  The TJ’s pizza dough is fantastic! And it makes the pizza making process quick and easy. Also, I prefer the refrigerated pizza sauce found at TJ’s as opposed to their jarred sauce.
4. You will always find a package of this naan in our freezer. It tastes amazing as a pizza crust. But my favorite is putting it underneath a delicious arugula and goat cheese salad or a vegetable salad. It’s also great to dip in hummus.
5. You know what…don’t even try this cookie butter. You’ll just be mad at me. Because it’s THAT good and you’ll never want to stop eating it. On crackers, on ice cream, on toast, on anything!