Spring 2014 Anthro Wish List

Anthropologie is probably the store I get the most giddy to stroll through when I get the chance to go to the mall.  Touching all the soft fabrics, smelling the nostalgic Volcano candles and scouring the sale section for that perfect deal.  And while I rarely take home anything that isn’t from the sale section, it doesn’t stop me from making my wish list.  Here are the Antrho goodies that I’m coveting from the Spring 2014 collection (you’ll note there’s a jacket phase I’m going through):

imgThis jacket is vegan, which is pretty rad.  And it seems like the perfect, timeless coat.  I’m obsessed. Also, it has a ruffle in the back! Shop here, it’s almost sold out.
img-8I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect little black coat.  Loving this one, especially the collar.  Pretty please, share links to your perfect leather coat finds–I’m ready to commit to one. Shop here. img-5Chambray AND a jacket.  I can think of nothing more glorious.  I tried it on in the store, and it’s just as fabulous as I knew it would be. Shop here. img-1The only thing stopping me from buying these cargos is the fear that I might be compelled to wear them every day of my life–they are soooooo soft.  Shop here. img-2On a whim I decided to try these floral pants on and I was so surprised by how much I loved them.  Its the only time this style of pants has not made me look 10 pounds heavier.  They are a super flattering cut and they make it to the top of my Spring wardrobe wish list. Shop here. img-3Classic, cotton tunic with LACE–enough said.  My girlfriend tried it on and it fit fabulously! Shop here. img-9I’m drawn to this tunic.  The universe wants me to own it.  And because I’m a shorty I know I can count on it being longer than it is on the model. Shop here. img-4These boots.  The perfect way to wear booties in the Spring.  The color, the holes, the slit–just perfect. Shop hereimg-6I’m a fan of a good ol’ rancher hat.  Love that this classic brown one is such a reasonable price.  The perfect everyday hat. Shop here. img-7Another reasonably priced accessory–these glasses add some vintage flair to a wardrobe.  Shop here.